National Guard shoots 2 people during persecution in Nuevo Laredo


The driver of a blue van was shot down, while a street vendor was hit by bullets, dying immediately

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, (April 09, 2021).- A man who was traveling aboard a truck and a woman who sold corn on the street died after agents of the National Guard shot at them, on Victoria and Ocampo streets on this border.

According to preliminary reports, members of the National Guard were in pursuit down Victoria Street and fired at the blue truck, killing the driver. The street vendor was hit by the bullets, dying immediately as a “collateral victim”.

A group of people confronted the National Guard officers as they claimed they planted a bag with drugs and radiofrequency equipment in the van.

This led the group of people to riot to demand that the bodies of the dead be covered, as well as to demand that the high command of the National Guard go to the scene.

“Murderers, murderers. The lady has a sick child, who is going to answer for this. The boy in the truck neither smoked nor drank, why did they shoot? They didn’t have to shoot,” the citizens shouted.

Some people took the bag with drugs and the radios, claiming that they did not belong to the man in the truck.

The bag was intended to be handed over to the military, who refused to receive it as it was part of the evidence.

For a few seconds, a brawl was about to break out as the group of people threw themselves fiercely against the federal officials.

The military displayed their weapons in an attempt to control the situation, which inflamed the crowd.

So far, the Mexican Army has not issued information on these, while the Attorney General’s Office collects information and evidence of these events.

Source: El Universal

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