Move over China… Mexico is back as the first commercial partner of the U.S.


Mexico City (April 8, 2021).- After 11 months being surpassed by China, last February Mexico recovered the first position as a commercial partner of the United States, measured by the sum of the number of exports and imports, according to official data.

However, the Census Office of the US Department of Commerce revealed, Mexico’s exports to that country fell 5.6 percent, going from 29 thousand 58 million dollars in February 2020 to 27 thousand 428 million in the same month of 2021.

Regarding imports made by Mexico in the second month of this year, they were located at 21 thousand 46 million dollars, a figure 8.5 percent higher than the 19 thousand 397 million of the same month last year.

In this way, the commercial exchange between both countries in February 2021 reached the sum of 48.4 billion US dollars.

This amount, according to the Department of Commerce, represented 15.3 percent of total United States trade, which in the second month of the year amounted to 317 billion dollars.

In second place was Canada with 47.4 billion dollars, 14.9 percent of total US trade, while in third place was installed China with 43,4 billion dollars, 13.7 percent of US global trade.

Source: La Jornada

Mexico Daily Post