Ximena Figueroa becomes the first transgender candidate in the history of Colima


Once the Electoral Institute of the State of Colima (IEEC) approves her candidacy, no later than April 7, Ximena Figueroa Tene will be the first transgender woman to seek a public position in the state.

Ximena, who made the change of her gender identity in August 2019, seeks to be a local deputy for the 11th district, which corresponds to the municipality of Manzanillo.

In an interview, Figueroa Tene assured that being a candidate is a sign that with work, discipline, and passion, people can achieve everything they set out to do, even when it seems impossible.

“It is a great triumph, more than a personal one, it is a social achievement; we will give openness and inclusion to all vulnerable groups, motivation for young people and adults. From a political space where we can achieve a lot for a society lacking empathy for others ”.
Ximena Figueroa Tene (Photo: AF)

Ximena Figueroa is a stylist and businesswoman in the field of beauty in Manzanillo, she is also a recognized athlete.

The process for the change of gender identity in Colima was approved by the local Congress in February 2019, so it is no longer necessary to travel to Mexico City for transgender people to update their birth certificates.


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