Tlaxcala registered an increase in its automotive manufacturing industry during the fourth quarter of 2020


An increase of more than 64 thousand dollars in exports by federal entity registered Tlaxcala in the fourth quarter of 2020, to remain at 413 thousand 305 dollars, this with respect to the third quarter of the same year, which was 348 thousand 920, revealed the figures released by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

In its report, the agency revealed that the state of Tlaxcala had a fluctuating behavior, given the circumstances that it went through worldwide in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused a decrease in trade between nations and, as a consequence, this result variant.

However, although in Tlaxcala the fourth quarter of 2020 was where the second rebound in cases of the new coronavirus began and caused the state authorities to impose new health measures, this period was the one with the best performance that year.

According to the figures revealed by Inegi, the manufacture of non-metallic mineral-based products was one of the industries that registered the most growth compared to the previous quarter of the same year, as it went from 109,571 to 151,906 US dollars.

In addition, the manufacture of transportation equipment had an increase of more than $ 6,500, from $ 68,587 to $75,145.

The manufacture of clothing was another of the items that significantly increased their exports, thanks to the fact that they managed to adapt to the circumstances of the new reality and met the demands of the market, which went from 17,528 to 28,111 dollars.

On the other hand, the document indicates that the basic metal industries fell considerably, since it registered 3,928 dollars in the last quarter of the year, that is, 2,677 dollars less compared to the immediately previous period, which was 6,659 Dollars.

This information regarding the value of merchandise exports by federal entity allows knowing the participation of each one of them in the commercial exchange that Mexico carries out with the rest of the world.

Source: OEM

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