Poorer head for the hills to celebrate Semana Santa


TLAXCOAPAN, Hidalgo Residents with limited economic resources went to the mountain that is located on the slopes of El Tesoro hill to spend Easter days with the family and despite the fact that there are no luxuries in that place, they were able to breathe pure air from the countryside.

Only the peasant Jesús Hernández Ángeles went together with his family to said natural site, yesterday, Sunday, to have a moment of healthy coexistence for the so-called Semana MAyor.


“We come to the pools of Mónico León, in the ejido of Tlaxcoapan almost on the slopes of this hill to spend this Easter with the proper sanitation measures, in a totally rural environment,” said the interviewee, a neighbor of the Apepechoca neighborhood. He expressed that the cost of access is symbolic since here it is a country place with no frills but you can breathe fresh air under lush trees.

“Literally this natural place is a refuge for the poor because here we cook with wood from the forest that we have to cut and even though it is not a water park, we have a good time as a family,” said Jesús Hernández. The farmer mentioned that here there is no roof shade as it is native to centennial trees, there is no Jacuzzi but there is water that comes out of an aquifer well.

“Here you sit on stones or platforms, that’s why I say that we are poor but with a good and happy heart, you enjoy the pure air under leafy trees and there is clean and crystalline water that comes from natural poisons without chemicals, you de-stress walking among the hill and you can cut nopales, quelites, purslane, peaches, pomegranates and walnuts and here it is not a water park, it is a small natural paradise in the midst of adversity ”, the Tlaxcoapense farmer concluded.

Source: elsoldehidalgo.com.mx

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