Mexican Fireflies are declared an endangered species


Just a few days ago, the Mexico Daily Post posted an interesting article about the “Firefly Forest” in Tlaxcala, and today a study reveals the reasons why firefly habitats are disappearing, now being an endangered species.

The beauty of the light that the fireflies irradiate could soon be turned off because now this insect is being classified among the endangered species.

A study carried out at Tufts University shows that fireflies could soon disappear from our planet because little by little the number of specimens of this insect in the world has been decreasing.

This study, done in collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature, looked for the reasons behind the future possible extinction of the firefly.

Those who are fans of fireflies and the way they adorn landscapes with the beautiful light they emit from their bodies, should take into account that they may soon stop seeing them.

And it is that different factors have led this peculiar insect to gradually decrease in numbers, until today it is considered an endangered species.

According to studies carried out by researchers at Tufts University, it would be pesticides and the presence of artificial light that have impaired the survival of this species.

The research pointed out that pesticides contribute largely to the disappearance of fireflies’ natural habitats, as has happened with bees and other pollinating insects.

In addition to them, artificial light, especially when talking about public lighting that we see in the streets, has had a slow but devastating consequence, since it alters the rhythm of life of fireflies, directly in their mating ritual.

“Fireflies are particularly vulnerable to light pollution, more than perhaps any other group of insects,” said Dave Goulson, one of the scientists involved in the research.

The extinction of fireflies could lead to a serious problem, since much of all the world’s crops, at least three-quarters, depend on pollinating insects such as bees and fireflies, both endangered species.

One measure to help fireflies is the creation of parks, green areas, and the placement of pots with flowers and nutritious plants for insects, although artificial lighting is killing these insects by th thousands every single day.

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Mexico Daily Post