Mazatlan Convention Center expects a recovery as of June


The director of the MIC pointed out that, although there is confidence from the event organizers, they want the Covid-19 outlook to be more favorable

The Mazatlán Convention Center has little activity due to the pandemic. 

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The gradual recovery of the congresses and conventions segment will begin in June, however, everything will depend on the evolution of the pandemic, estimated José Alberto Ureña.

The director of the Mazatlán Convention Center said that, although there is interest by the organizers and some confidence in the health protocols that are being applied in the destination, the opening must be given by the Health authorities for the holding of events and conventions, since currently only social activities and training are carried out.

“Especially more places of a social nature and training so far, talking about massive or very large events we still feel some resistance and as they are waiting, there is a lot of expectation that it can be released and that the people themselves, the employees of here in Mazatlán obviously adopt that part, “he said.

Ureña Trujillo indicated that where if there is enough resistance to its realization, it is in the case of concerts or massive presentations, despite the fact that the show businessmen have shown interest in reactivated.

“We think that by the end of the year there could be massive musical concerts, as the pandemic progresses.” The people who work at the busines show are knocking on doors and want to do this type of event.

He added that the vaccination process will undoubtedly be of great benefit to the Mazatlán Convention Center, because, with this, attendees will have greater possibilities of attending, being in a certain way protected from the disease.

He stressed that Mazatlán continues in a positive tourist recovery, unlike other cities such as Mexico City that had a second closure of activities and that still continue with many restrictions.

He recalled that with the pandemic this sector has been very affected since in 2020 there were only around 200 events against the almost 500 carried out during 2019.



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