Mazatlán grows! Del Mar avenue welcomes the Varali Grand Hotel


Romero Rodríguez explained that Varali’s name means ‘Moon’ in Hindi, in addition to having a location that faces the Mazatlan boardwalk and the Camarón Lagoon behind it.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With 160 rooms and two unbeatable views, Guillermo Romero Rodríguez, General Secretary of Canaco-Servytur, cut the inaugural ribbon of the new Varali Grand Hotel, just on Del Mar Avenue.

Under the design of Santiago León Patron, architect in charge of the work, Romero Rodríguez commented that it was not easy to undertake a project of such magnitude after having faced the health emergency, however with effort it managed to be concluded.

“It has not been easy, opening a project in a pandemic was not easy, however, I believe that in Mazatlan this impressive wave that it brings is what motivates us to move forward. We are at the beginning of Easter and what better way to cut this ribbon and inaugurate it here with many friends ”, he celebrated.

Romero Rodríguez explained that the name Varali means ‘Moon’ in Hindi, in addition to having a location that faces the Mazatlán boardwalk and the Laguna del Camarón behind it, this hotel has a current and modern design, integrating with the new tourist offer of the port.

“Without a doubt, its location is very good logistically. Right now the clients who arrive tell us that it is very well located because it is in front of the boardwalk, it has a double view; view of the beach and view of the lagoon that we have in the back … We have a gym, parking at the bottom, we have 101 employees who are already collaborating at Varali Grand; There are 101 families that live here and we are very satisfied with what was done, I think it was a great effort ”, he specified.



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