Guadalajara real estate trends for 2021


It is a reality that investments are made under the prospect of future benefits; however, the pandemic has shown that the here and now can be more important than capital gains, at least in Guadalajara, according to the City Manager of Inmuebles24.

“The capital gain is taken into account, but in the end, it is not a key factor because people buy where they can afford the price or where it is functionally based on their budget, areas of interest, schools, work, etc”, said Arturo López, Regional Manager of Inmuebles24 in Guadalajara.

The sale prices of real estate in this town have increased 9% above the exchange rate and inflation in the last 12 months, the above is derived from a real increase of 5.5%, according to Index data.

Andares Guadalajara (Photo: Andares)

For example, Guadalajara Centro is the neighborhood that is most convenient for investors looking to rent; and that buying an average apartment in this city of 65 m2 with two rooms has a price of 2.4 million pesos; while one of 100 m2, three bedrooms has a cost of 3.7 million pesos.

“Considering the above, the capital gain is equivalent to 5.13% per year and, if the property were rented, it would take an average of 19.5 years to pay the investment made in the purchase. The above is 16.8% more than a year before ”.

For 2021, it is expected that the areas with the highest added value will be that of Norponiente: Zona Real, Andares, Puerta de Hierro, Royal Country, Solares, Puerta Plata, Las Lomas, Providencia, says López. According to the statement, this is due in part to the fact that in these areas shopping malls, restaurants, residences are located where the land exceeds 300 m2, that is, they are places that are still within the periphery want to invest/live.

Puerta de Herro Zapopan Jalisco (YouTube)

“This 2021 is shaping up for investments in the real estate sector to continue strong in the areas of real estate and home acquisition. Sometimes the added value for people is in the immediate benefits that the fact that their home has the spaces they need and facilitates their daily life with nearby services and good quality of life can give them, ” concluded Alejandro García del Río, director of Real Estate Marketing24.

Source: Inmobiliare

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