Animals are falling victims of the wildfires in Nuevo León

Dehydrated animals can be found all over the place (Photo: Milenio)

Domestic, ranch livestock and wild animals have presented symptoms of dehydration, burns, minor injuries, and a precarious state of health due to the lack of food, in the face of the macro fire that is occurring in the mountains of Coahuila and Nuevo León.

Regardless of the risk, a group of veterinarians and civil associations have signed up to give timely attention to the domestic, ranch, and wild animals that have been direct and indirect victims of the macro fire that is occurring in the Sierra de Arteaga, which corresponds to the municipality of Santiago, Nuevo León.

Through the College of Veterinary Doctors in Small Species of Nuevo León A.C. (COMVEPE) with the support of civil organizations and companies, since last March 26, a mobile veterinary clinic has been installed in the parking lot of the Hacienda Cola de Caballo hotel, which is equipped to attend to any emergency that may arise these days.

Silvia Piña, the veterinarian, who was on duty in this module, specified that in the face of the emergency that has been going on since last Friday among the members of this school as well as volunteers, they have taken turns to provide continous medical attention to the animals in the area.

“We are here waiting to provide medical attention, we are supporting for animal welfare. All brigade members are spreading the word already, you can bring your animals and pets, ”said the specialist.

This mobile clinic is equipped with care tables, stretchers, anesthesia equipment, vital sign monitoring, pressure gauges and pain meters for pets, specialized drugs, orthopedic equipment, an electric saw, oxygen concentrators, and more.

During the weekend, it was even possible to establish another service module directly in the main area affected by the flames and where the residents have already returned to their respective homes.

This Sunday the brigade that went up to the affected regions treated dogs, cats, horses, goats, sheep, which had symptoms of dehydration, burns, minor injuries, and a low mood due to lack of food.

Although there is no exact figure for how many animals have been affected by the fire, it is estimated that it is a high number of both fatalities and injuries.

Piña stressed that to give more attention, they have enabled other veterinary centers, where the most serious cases will be treated, they even managed to get a piece of land that is equipped to receive horses and large animals that are injured.

"We are not alone here, the doctors who are members of this school have the doors open to receive the animals in their clinics and give them greater attention," said the veterinarian.

Faced with this serious situation, veterinarians and volunteers will continue at these points until the situation improves.

In order to generate a greater impact and thus benefit more animals, through the following points people can bring their donations in-kind or monetary contributions to acquire the essentials.

COMVEPE Nuevo León is receiving cash donations to the account 0226040631 CLABE 072580002260406314 in the name of the College of Veterinary Doctors in Small Species of Nuevo León A.C.
Currently, the situation that exists in this place is critical, since many wild and domestic animals have spent days without eating or drinking water, so dehydration is one of the main problems that they present, in addition to burns, deep wounds, fractures, or even amputations.

Some animals that were not fortunate enough to escape died burned or, in some cases, suffocated by smoke.

For as long as this contingency is present, the veterinary module will be available, it was even specified that whoever requires free advice or timely attention for an animal can go to the module.

Source: Milenio

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