Rodolfo has been saving lives in Mazatlan for almost a quarter of a century


One of the rescues he remembers most is when he took two girls and an adult out of the sea

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Rodolfo Valdez Valenzuela, 50 years old, is an element of the Mazatlán Aquatic Squad that has dedicated almost half of his life to saving people.

Riding on an ATV, patrolling the sand on the beach, Rodolfo told Reacción Informativa that he worked in a beach operator, but in that place they carried out the rescues at their lungs and only had a bucket, but over time he He moved to work at the police corporation where they are already given equipment and prepared with different rescue training.

He says that thanks to this work he has raised his family and with that he has given his children studies.

He mentioned that working as a lifeguard has been comforting, especially on the day he managed to get three women out of the water.

“Once I was conducting surveillance aboard a Jet Sky, when I observed that three people were being pulled out to sea,” he said.

It was there when the radio that he brought with him corroborated the drowning report and went to get the women out of the sea, two of them were minors and one was an adult.

Upon arrival, he saw that one of the girls was already submerged, so he immediately threw himself into the water and as he could, he took her out and put her on the jet ski, then he raised the mother and the other girl, later he took them ashore in where the emergency bodies were already waiting for her.

Upon reaching land, the unconscious minor was given first aid and after returning she was taken to a hospital for recovery.

He says that the three women lived and that gives him a lot of comfort.

He regretted that sometimes people do not even thank them as aquatic elements, while others are very grateful to the Aquatic Rescue Squad.

He also commented that this Easter he will work from 07:00 to 19:00 in the beach area so that this operation is a white balance.


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