Missouri woman found dead in Cancun resort


On Wednesday, March 24th, at the Now Jade Riviera, located about 25 miles south of Cancun, three High School seniors and their mothers spoke to the press after they had just returned from the resort where their vacation took a sudden, terrifying turn.

As one of the students declared, it had been the trip of a lifetime. The students and their mothers said the resort had a large group from at least three St. Louis-area high schools: Lafayette, Eureka, and Kirkwood.

The students did not find the body but happened to walk by the scene where it was found.

The victim was apparently the mother of a St. Louis-area student who had fallen from a fourth-floor room. Their mothers later saw a room door covered with crime tape.

This was all in a different part of the resort from where they were staying.

A spokeswoman for the US State Department confirmed the death of a US citizen near Cancun and offered sincerest condolences to the woman’s family.

According to the general manager of  Now® Jade Riviera Cancun resort, local authorities have officially determined the death an “accident.”

The full statement reads, “We have been informed that the authorities have determined that the tragic incident that recently occurred at Now® Jade Riviera Cancun was the result of an accident. We extend our sincere sympathy to family and friends of the deceased.”

The three students and their mothers sent their prayers and condolences, as well.

Sources: Noticaribe / FOX KITV

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