Tulum Good Fest Festival to take place this April 3 and 4

The Good Fest, which will take place on April 3-4, will be free and online

They prepare the last preparations for the Tulum Good Fest Festival to take place this April 3 and 4, which in this its ninth edition due to the Covid-19 pandemic will be a free and online event, for which it has been organized a program with activities such as conferences and workshops to cultivate well-being in different aspects of life and to celebrate the magic of Tulum.

Therefore, Mario Cruz Rodríguez, head of the General Directorate of Economic Development, reported that there will be lectures given by drivers Marco Antonio Regil and Claudia Lizaldi, as well as Arianna Torres, from Humane Society International, who have dedicated themselves to promoting the good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

He highlighted that they have 250 Continuing Education diplomas for the participants and there will also be a raffle for five full scholarships for 200 hours of yoga and five full scholarships for 300 hours.

He explained that there will be yoga classes and vegan recipes with chefs Natalia Delgado, Chloe, Caloncho, Claudia Ordaz from The Vegan Art, and Arianna Torres, from the Humane Society.

He mentioned that those who are interested in being part of this program digitally will have to participate in a dynamic on Instagram where they must upload a story with their photo on a card or on a sheet that says: See you at the Tulum Good Fest and label the Tulum Good Fest and Hatha Yoga Mexico accounts.

He pointed out that on April 3 and 4 there will be a series of live activities, conferences, and workshops, from a private Facebook group, while on April 5, 6, 7, and 8 they will practice what they learned with a series of dynamics in social networks that will allow interaction with festival participants.


Olivia Martinez

Creator of Tulum Good Fest and founder of Hatha Yoga México.

Marco Antonio Regil

Award-winning television host, public speaker, influencer, podcaster, and activist.

Claudia lizaldi

Television presenter, actress, model, and writer.

Vanessa Hauc

Recognized journalist winner of the Emmy award of the Telemundo network, defender of the environment.

Carla zaplana

Dietitian, nutritionist and health mentor specialized in plant food and creator of the Come Clean philosophy

Natalia Delgado placeholder image

Vegan Chef. Best Chef of the Year 2019/2020 Bienfest. Healthy chef in the Hoy Program.

Arianna Torres Garduño

Corporate Relations Manager at Humane Society International.

Claudia Diaz Ordaz

Plant Based Chef. Activist and founder of The Vegan Art.


Mexican musician, activist and composer, winner of two IMAs awards.

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