Mazatlan environmentalists lament opening of beaches for holidays


They anticipate strong pollution of the sea during Easter, in addition to a rebound in infections by Covid-19

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The marine biologist Fernando Enciso Saracho, a member of the Mazatlán Ecological Councilregretted the opening of beaches during this Holy Week, although it is restricted and it seeks to exercise control with sanitary protocols , since the problem of contamination will return as every year and, this time, with a high risk of contagion of Covid-19 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He said that just as security actions and health protocols are implemented, the authorities should develop an intense awareness and clean-up campaign on Mazatlan beaches.

“With the opening of beaches there will be quite a lot of pollutants, people are not interested in collaborating, taking the garbage home, they leave it on the beach, so the authorities were quite wrong to open the beaches this year,” he said.

He indicated that due to the high risk of contagion represented by the agglomerations, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the beaches had to remain closed as last year and with this, the environment would have been favored, by not receiving so much pollution.

He commented that in other municipal administrations, cleaning campaigns and days have been carried out during the Easter period, with the collaboration of schools and environmental organizations such as CEMAZ, of which he is a member.

“The pollution of beaches increases at Easter, how are they going to have control, the hoteliers do not participate and the palaperos have a piglet in view of the whole world, the piglet they leave is incredible,” he said.

He commented that in countries like Germany, the beaches have been closed for a long time, as a control measure.

Fernando Enciso pointed out that it will be very difficult to control access to the beaches when they reach their capacity limit because people do not respect sanitary regulations, much less care for the beaches.

Faced with this situation, he said that the safest thing is that there will be a rebound in Covid-19 cases in the following days of the holiday period, as happened in the past December holidays, in which people left their homes and crowded into public places.

Trash Collection

Between 70 and 85 tons of garbage per day are collected during Easter, on the beaches and boardwalk of Mazatlán, by Municipal Public Services.


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