Over 10,000 bathers flock to the beaches of Mazatlán between Saturday and Sunday


The ESA reports that a greater influx of bathers is expected for Easter

MAZATLÁN._ Nearly 10,200 bathers went between Saturday and Sunday to the beaches of Mazatlán, which were the first two days of spring in the northern hemisphere of the planet and it was only eight days before the start of the holiday period at Holy and Easter weeks.

This amount was almost similar to the 10 thousand 500 bathers who registered during the second long weekend of the year, from March 13 to 15, for the holiday of the 205 anniversary of the Birth of Benito Juárez on March 21, 1806, in San Pablo Guelatao, in Oaxaca.

“Right now I think that we are reaching 5,000 people in different areas and yesterday (Saturday) we reached 5,200 more or less, almost the same, similar to last week, right now we have already completed 10,000 yesterday and today (and last week there were 10,500) ”, said shortly after 4:30 pm this Sunday the commander of the Aquatic Rescue Squad of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, Gonzalo Magallanes Moreno.

“Next week we will have more influx, I think that by next weekend we will begin to have enough people, … we are expecting a lot of influx and try to control access and income to the areas of the beach because right now we already have two beaches in orange and we have four in yellow ”.

He specified that at that time there were already two beaches with the Covid-19 Security Traffic light in orange and four in yellow, the orange ones were the Playa Norte and Pinitos beaches, while the beaches Playa Norte 7, Playa was in yellow. Norte 5, Camarón, and another one, but experience says that many people who come from Isla de la Piedra move to the beaches in front of Avenida del Mar in the afternoons.

The Covid-19 Security Traffic Light that is applied during the coronavirus pandemic on the beaches of Mazatlán has four colors, in which green is the lowest and indicates an open beach, followed by yellow for caution, then orange for risk restriction or closure and finally the red that indicates restriction or closure because that beach has already reached its maximum level of people allowed in that area during this pandemic.

Magallanes Moreno also announced that yesterday the sea conditions were very favorable for bathers, very calm, without high waves, only cases of some lost children and one person per stingray bite had been attended.

He reiterated the call to bathers to respect the signs on the beaches, not to go into the sea while intoxicated, if they are going to enter the sea, do it calmly, calmly, do not mess with clothes that are not adequate but with short and shirt.

“And above all abide by the provisions, the instructions given by the lifeguard to avoid an incident,” said Magallanes Moreno.

Source: noroeste.com.mx

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