Queretaro Legislature is ordered to rule on equal marriages


QUERETARO, March 17, 2021.- Social organizations received an Amparo in favor that forces the 59th local Legislature to analyze and vote; in favor or opposition; the initiative with which it is proposed to legalize equal marriages in Querétaro.

Walter López, a spokesman for the Queretaro Front for the Right to Non-Discrimination and in favor of the Secular State, indicated that on the night of the 16th the Amparo was received in favor of removing this initiative from the “freezer”, which had been detained for two years.

With the Amparo, the deputy president of the Board of Directors is obliged to instruct the president of the Administration and Procurement of Justice commission to analyze and vote on the initiative and, subsequently, to vote in Plenary Session.

This is the third Legislature that lags behind the initiative presented, but thanks to the fact that Deputy María Concepción Herrera, when she was president of the Board of Directors, refused to change the commission, the initiative is that the activists could request this protection that now it is granted.

After the ruling in favor, the legislators are obliged to comply with the resolution of the amparo filed, otherwise they would incur in contempt; in case it is justified by time, the same initiative must be taken into account by the following Legislature.

Organizations in favor of human rights trusted that the local legislature approves the law of equal marriages no later than April, after the order of a federal judge to “ take this initiative out of the freezer ”.

They explained that, according to the opinion, in a month the proposal must be discussed and, if applicable, approved, or else a contempt order against the local congress would be proceeding.

“What the deputies of Querétaro are doing is an act of cruelty, cruelty against those people who do not agree with their personal convictions,” he told the activist, Maricruz Ocampo.

A federal district judge ordered the legislature to discuss this issue, following an injunction promoted by people seeking to contract equal marriages.

Source: queretaro.quadratin.com.mx

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