False that 60% of the corn consumed in Mexico is imported


Félix Salgado Macedonio, accused rapist and candidate for Morena for governor of Guerrero announced on March 17 that one of his main axes, if he wins the elections, will be to encourage the countryside and its production capacity to reduce purchases from foreign companies, but it was based on in a figure that is not true.

Morena’s standard-bearer exemplified his proposal by explaining that: “60% of the corn (of the nation) is bought abroad because there is no production capacity in the Mexican countryside.” However, the records of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER) indicate that the claim is false.

The report on the corn market, published in August 2020 by SADER and the Centro de Información de Mercados Agroalimentarios (CIMA), shows that 44.5 billion tons of corn were consumed in Mexico in the 2019-2020 business year.

Of the 44.5 billion tons consumed in the country, 25 billion were produced in national territory (56.17% of the total) and 17 billion were imported (38.20% of the total). Of another 5,889 million tons that came from an initial inventory, 700 billion tons were exported and in the end, there was a surplus inventory of 1,889 million tons.

A large part of the product consumed in the Mexican Republic is used to feed livestock, which explains the growing relationship between livestock activity and the demand for corn.


Mexico Daily Post