Mazatlán expects almost double its population for the Easter holidays (Semana Santa)


With this, a spill of 200 million pesos is expected, taking into account the issue of Covid 19

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of the Mazatlán City Council, Luis Terán Tirado, estimated that for these Easter and Easter holidays the influx of tourism will be approximately 350 thousand tourists with a spill of 200 million pesos, taking into account the issue of Covid 19.

“I think that 350 thousand people will come because they come and go between Holy Week and Easter, they are approximate and we expect a spill of 200 million pesos, it is very conservative, it is approximate with the Covid issue,” he explained.

Terán Tirado reported that hotel reservations are going well and with 70 percent occupancy for those days.

“They are at one hundred, the reservations are arriving and the reservations are 70 percent in the hotels but it is clear to me that it will be filled in accordance with the quota allowed by the Covid regulations,” he said.

The local official said that in the days of the Greater Week to counteract any contagion related to Covid 19, they will be supported by the public and prevention forces of the State Government.

He commented that for all those tourists who lack information, three modules will be installed where antibacterial gel, face masks, and general information will be provided, which will be located in Valentinos, the monument to Los Monos Bichos, and the Olas Altas area.

Lifeguards prepare to protect beaches and pools

The objective is to have permanent surveillance on the city’s beaches, lodging centers, and public pools.

The objective is to have a better group of lifeguards, both on the beaches and in the accommodation centers and pools of the city since in the port these centers will be open to the public despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

The boys are already training, they are ready to operate, which is regulated by municipal and state Civil Protection, the lifeguard will be given their record and they will be warned that they must be at least working in pairs.

Gonzalo Romero Magallanes

As for the squad he commands, there are 28 active elements plus another five that have just been added. They are training and preparing all the time, only logistics issues remain pending and defining the operation to be implemented.

“We are all the time training, preparing for that day, and we are yet to see logistics and operational issues,” he stressed.

Physical skills and immediate response, in and out of the sea, are the most essential characteristics with which a lifeguard must face.

Among the attentions that the squad provides are first aid for stinging a stingray or jellyfish, which this season tends to increase due to the greater flow of bathers.

” Tourism increases, it is more likely that people affected by a stingray sting will leave, which is not serious, only that the pain is very intense,” he concluded.


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