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Mazatlan police refine details for (Semana Santa) easter holidays security

Police elements monitor the entire coastal area of ​​Mazatlán

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Tomorrow the three levels of government will meet to refine the Easter 2021 operation, as was announced by the Municipal Public Security Secretary, Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola.

The official said that at the moment they already have patrols on Del Mar Avenue and will also put police elements at the exits of the port of Mazatlan, for any impact event to have the exit blocked.

He stressed that he, as a municipal policeman, has already been working for 25 years, so he has experience in this type of operation.

He commented that the exits from the city will be reinforced in coordination with the National Guard Roads Division and personnel from the naval area.

So far it is unknown how many elements will participate in the operation, but that information will be released tomorrow during the meeting.

Commander Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola assured that security will be reinforced with the new cadets, which are 104 new elements.

While on the beaches there will be lifeguards both day and night in case rescue personnel are needed.

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