Mazatlan tourist enjoyed the long weekend weather


At noon this Sunday hundreds of visitors walked through the coastal area appreciating the panoramic view offered by the bay of Mazatlan

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- From the Valentinos to the Monument to the Fisherman, hundreds of tourists strolled at noon this Sunday along the boardwalk and appreciated the panoramic view offered by Mazatlan bay regardless of the strong wind and the intensity of the sun’s rays.

In a tour of the coastal area, there was a large presence of visitors who chose the port as a destination to spend a “mini vacation ” this long weekend.

In the main photographic Paradores and monuments, as well as in the craft stalls, was where the tourists mostly gathered without reaching the agglomeration.

Vehicle capacity also increased on Avenida Del Mar, with continuous stops at the most emblematic points of the boardwalk that popular transport carried out, such as charioteers and pneumonia, taking tourists on board, at times slowing down the flow of vehicles.


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