Sinaloa could be a big exporter of CBD from marijuana says, governorship candidate


In favor of the candidate of the Alliance PRI-PAN-PRD of the approval

The PRI Senator with a license, Mario Zamora Gastélum, gave his point in favor of the approval of the law on the use of marijuana in Mexico and assured that, just as Sinaloa is a great exporter of shrimp and tomato, hopefully, it will also be a great exporter of CBD.

Marijuana is an ancient plant that has already generated a great taboo, he explained, there is a playful part that has to do with THC and the CBD ingredient, which in the medical part is very important.

“We have a great opportunity to become, as we export shrimp and tomato, to be a great exporter of CBD,” he reported.

The candidate for the PRI-PAN-PRD alliance said that in the United States a liter of CBD costs around 19 thousand dollars, it is said that in Mexico and Afghanistan marijuana is better given naturally, especially in Sinaloa.

“Something that in the past could label us as something bad, today it can be a vehicle to generate a huge investment being a multibillion-dollar industry to generate a large investment, better jobs, and development in an area of ​​the state that is the sierra that so much work has cost different governments to bring good results ”.

It can be an opportunity to generate investment and well-paying jobs for families living in the mountains. If it was sought to avoid imprisonment, the weight that one can have was increased, then, if we realized that there are many women who are in jail today because their husbands were caught with marijuana, then, I do not share the playful part so much it would have to be accompanied by information campaigns.
Mario Zamora, PRI Senator


The Mazatlan Post