Invest in Tulum: the most attractive projects on the Caribbean coast


On January 28 of this year, B2B Media and Immobiliare held their first virtual event: Invest in Tulum 2021, which was attended by real estate leaders from the Caribbean region, who spoke about the benefits of investment in Tulum, as well as the current situation of this market that has been growing year after year. In addition, the more than 700 attendees learned about the different proposals for developments located in the area.

The event featured the participation of Vitro as a Platinum sponsor; Armor Secure and Inmobilia (Gold); Mia Developments, Confector and ED (Silver). While AMDETUR, Softec, Amar, Construiendo y Crezando, Lamudi and ADESI were the alliances.

Álvaro Fernández,
real estate professional at

It is worth mentioning that Tulum has a strategic position within the Riviera Maya, it is located near the markets of South America and North America, in addition the Cancun international airport is 120 kilometers to the north and this year the construction works for the airport will begin. It will be 15 minutes from all the infrastructure, reported Álvaro Fernández, real estate professional at, who also explained that the city on the Caribbean coast has city-jungle areas, a town area and the hotel that limits the north with the archaeological zone and to the south with the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve.

Marc Pujol, director of GMB.

Why invest in Tulum? For Marc Pujol, GMB director commented that there are four reasons: the first, is because it has had sustainable growth, in the last three years it has positioned itself as “the city of growth in all of Latin America,” and it has also been recognized for having the best beaches in the world, “today it is a global benchmark in all aspects, which tells us about the appreciation that the land has had, its properties and above all the famous return on investment.”

Tourism and multiculturalism is present in Tulum, according to the director, there are more than 140 nationalities present in the city. It has rich gastronomy, there are from restaurants that are recognized worldwide to traditional Mexican inns; As for mega biodiversity, “in recent years more cenotes have been discovered, as well as the Mayan cultural legacy; in addition, that there are pyramids ”. Finally, the lifestyle offered by the Caribbean coast is very broad, including fashion and boho chic.

Jaime González, CEO of One Prime.

For his part, Jaime González, CEO of One Prime, stressed that if you want to make an investment in Tulum, it is essential to have perspectives from different types of angles and not only from the financial one. “When I refer to the client, it would be interesting to see investments as places that offer life experiences to people, I believe that Tulum is the destination in the world that offers better experiences today to visitors, guests, and owners. Shopping in Tulum is not just a question of money or return, it is also a matter of lifestyle. They are literally promoting the creation of an artistic, cultural, gastronomic, multicultural and multifaceted community that is found in almost no part of the world ”.

Borja Giquel, investment professional at Onix Living.

Continuing with this investment line, Borja Giquel, an investment professional at Onix Living, commented that, being an investment management vehicle in the Mexican residential market, they believe in the long term and in rational decisions. ” If we did not believe in the sustainable and balanced development of Tulum, it would not make sense to talk about personal well-being, which can make it possible for us to buy the first or second home in the Caribbean to spend time teleworking .”

Sergio De la Torre, president of ADESI.

Sergio De la Torre, president of ADESI, highlighted that there are different factors that have caused a boom in Tulum, as all developers are seeking respect and love for nature, that is, sustainability, in order to make constructions that have a social character, an economic impact and a tourist one. It is a reality that a large part “of the people who buy real estate from us in Tulum do so by investing in an equity and then obtaining a return on investment, so I could say that the factors for which there is a boom are: innovation and how fascinating the beaches and places are, both in the jungle and in cenotes ”.

Raúl Alberti, sales director of iMexico Real Estate.

Raúl Alberti, sales director of iMexico Real Estate, highlighted that people who visit Tulum for the first time return on a second and third time, which results in recurring tourism, this in large part because there are many tourist attractions. In addition, he reported that the developments that are built are not a high-rise, they are only three floors and are located in front of the sea or in hotel areas, apart from being mostly ecological, that is why, in 2019, Tulum won the award as the best eco-sustainable place at the International Tourism Fair, held in Madrid and in 2020 it was awarded as the first sea destination.

As if that were not enough, Mexico, from being the 10th place in world tourism, went to 6th out of 192 countries with more than 45 million visitors, of which more than 50% go to the Riviera Maya and know Tulum.

Chris Hill, CCO of SIMCA.

Chris Hill, CCO of SIMCA, emphasized the progress that has been made since 1974 when Cancun was established and became a city “that gave a lot to talk about around the world, both for vacationers and investors; But the growth really took place until the migration of people to the south, reaching Playa del Carmen, the old Xaman-ha that in 1998 was established as a municipality, by 2014 this city had greater growth, generating many real estate opportunities with great added value and today it is one of the sources of the highest income in vacation rentals and of course, for the hotel sector ”.

Additionally, he highlighted that the Riviera Maya has great flight accessibility since it is connected to more than 170 airports around the world; Currently, Tulum is the preferred place for retirees from all over the world; and today it is part of a phenomenon of digital nomads that occurred with the entire Covid-19 situation: the home office away from home, which has generated a very attractive income “for many investors who have bet with us in this popular destination ”.

Nico Wilmes, founder of Los Amigos Tulum.

In its participation Nico Wilmes, founder of the Tulum Friends, noted that as a developer implement too much technology to contribute to sustainability, “we have the largest solar plants around Tulum, we produce more renewable energy than the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) throughout the state of Quintana Roo, we have a fleet of electric cars and in 2020, we received the first 100% electric drone and without contamination of a passenger, in this 2021 it
will make its first flight “.

Faced with these examples, Wilmes invited all developers to integrate this type of technology, in order to make Tulum more sustainable, calling to take care of this city.

Luis Pablo de los Cobos, founding partner of Anant.

In his speech, Luis Pablo de los Cobos, founding partner of Anant, made an invitation to continue developing high-quality projects, since in this new era it is important to put into practice actions and values ​​that offer new ways of living, rethinking the coexistence schemes for both quality consumption and safety.

“I consider it of great importance to design reliable projects that fill the investor in their purchase, since each new investment bets not only money but also an invaluable set of aspirations. The most demanded and fastest-growing regions will be those that allow living in open spaces, with large gardens, sun and beach destinations; the Mexican Caribbean is an area with wide potential in expansion, the ideal destination for investors to establish their relatives in one of the most privileged areas of Mexico, surrounded by natural settings with security, tranquility, and well-being ”.

That is why, as a developer, it considers providing the buyer with the support of professional work, traveled by an ethical, loyal and transparent path, ” we must generate successful actions for new projects in the state of Quintana Roo, this enhancing professional practice, with multidisciplinary teams of the highest value, and that the projects leave a mark on society, highlighting the care of the environment, the health of the community and safety ”.

Silvestre Ramos, director of Confector.

On the subject of planning a product, Silvestre Ramos, director of Confector, mentioned that when planning development, the following questions should be asked: what do I want? how I want it? and when do I want it? answering these questions, he stressed that it is possible to clearly define what the project’s needs are, “later we have to ask ourselves about what or who could become a risk, once clarified it is possible to continue and estimate how long the construction will last, how long, cost, who will participate; But the main thing in all this is communication, in addition to who is going to carry out the project, we have to have people who are prepared and talented who are specialized and certified in order to meet the expectations that development demands ”.

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