Puerto Vallarta kicks off the ¡Aguas! Dengue is at Home campaign


Atilano Vladimir Barraza, director of the Eighth Health Region, said this week was implemented in Puerto Vallarta in conjunction with the IMSS and the company UNIBUS the awareness and information campaign “Aguas! Dengue is at Home “ where it seeks to bring information to the population so that they become brigadistas and thus fight against this disease.

That is why 36,930 decals will be placed on motor vehicles, seeking to convey a clear message about the importance of Vallarta residents joining in prevention tasks, such as eliminating breeding sites in their homes.

“To epidemiological week number 9 this year, we bring 6 confirmed in the Sanitary Region of which 5 are from Puerto Vallarta and 1 from Tomatlán.” 

Dr. Atilano Barraza commented that talking about dengue is all working together with massive discarding strategies to eliminate mosquito breeding sites. 

He said that in 2019 only 3% of the cases were registered in the State in the Eighth Health Region and in 2020 70% of the cases were focused on municipalities such as Tlaquepaque, Ciudad Guzmán, La Barca, Guadalajara, and Vallarta has been left out of the first places with the most cases of dengue, but the fight continues.

“Last year, more than 2,000 tons of pots or deposits of clean water were eliminated in Puerto Vallarta, an enormous job with the City Council.” 

It should be remembered that if you have symptoms, you should go to the doctor and not self-prescribe;  the main signs of this disease are fever over 38 ° C, severe headache, nausea and vomiting, pain behind the eyes, rash, muscle pain in the joints and abdominal pain.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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