AMPI reports Americans showing an increased interest in relocating to Cancun, Riviera Maya, Tulum


Cancun, Quintana Roo — Americans are showing an expressed interest in Cancun, Riviera Maya real estate says the head of AMPI Cancun. Miguel Ángel Lemus Mateos, the current head of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) in Cancun says that already this year, the real estate sector has seen a 7 percent increase in sales and rental operations compared to the previous year.

He says AMPI (Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios) has received countless requests from people in other Mexican states as well as the U.S. regarding the cost of medium and high-end condominiums, houses, and other private residences.


He explained that those making contact are from all over Mexico, but he has noticed an increased interest in people from Sonora, Chihuahua, Nuevo León, Jalisco, and Mexico City.

He says from the United States, Americans have also expressed an interest, most of whom are calling from Texas, Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska.

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He says extensive attention has been offered to groups of developers who are looking to carry out a large number of small and medium-sized projects, anticipating this could be a good year for the real estate sector.

He also says that the sector may just benefit due to the global confinement that has been imposed by the ongoing pandemic.

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“Human displacement, which is restricted due to health issues, cannot be postponed. People are used to traveling and are now looking for spaces with a healthier environment, which is the case of Cancun, Tulum, and Riviera Maya where we are noticing great interest by people who are asking how they can change their residence to a place in the Mexican Caribbean,” he said.

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