Puerto Vallarta could finally have a history museum


The weekend was officially presented the civil association “Casa Museo de Puerto Vallarta, AC” , whose objective is to provide this city with an enclosure to house its historical, artistic and cultural testimonies, which will be an attraction for tourists and locals, also a tool for students.

The press conference was led by some of the promoters of this project: Karla Moreno, Arturo Pasos, Mara Díaz, Dinorah Gómez and Mónica Ceballos, who agreed on the urgency of opening a museum with the history of the city.

They announced others who also support: Mario Burgos, Francisco Ruiz Higuera, Alfonso Baños, Fernanda Wulff and Manuel Gómez Encarnación.

“We started in November looking for a place, first for rent, we never imagined the purchase, they told us about this house … I went to see the seller, on January 15 he gave us the keys and he told us that he gave us July 15 For the purchase, he told me the price, 12 million pesos and he put the first, leaving it at 11 million, I took the keys and told him that here we met on that date with the money from Vallarta to buy this house that will be in Vallarta ”Recalled Karla Moreno.


They conceived the House Museum as an open book, in which locals and visitors can read the past of our community in its various stages and manifestations, since its history, culture and idiosyncrasy distinguish this destination from other tourist centers and give added value. 

The centenary farm is located in the central Abasolo street, number 235, where pieces of clay, furniture, utensils, photographs, paintings and all the interesting objects that show life since pre-Hispanic times, Las Peñas, the beginnings of Puerto Vallarta and its development.

The current owner of the property is Luis Angarita, built in a highland colonial style, it is on two floors, has an arcade and a patio. Excited Moreno pondered. 

“It will be achieved, this is an old house … the wood, the floors, the mango, are the houses of Vallarta from before, we do not want them to throw them away and build a building, if it is for sale and we have this opportunity we must do it now, that is why we are moving ”.


To do this, they started the campaign “You Museum Need You” , in five stages, the first in March dedicated to your information, then the preparation will come, providing number of bank accounts and forms of payment to donate, with tax deductible receipts. all handled with transparency and legality.

In addition to these contributions, they will sell memberships, sponsorships and organize events and auctions to reach the remaining 11 million, since the intention is that on May 31, which is the anniversary of the municipality, they will give the city their museum.

They clarified that when the property is acquired, an assembly will be held, where they will leave to experts its adequacy, design, operation and operation of the museum, under their own board of directors.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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