Mazatlan Doctors from private clinics demand vaccines against Covid-19


The protesters announced that many of their colleagues died of coronavirus

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Doctors from the private clinics and hospitals of the city of Mazatlán, demonstrated to demand the vaccine against Covid-19.

They stressed that like the doctors who are on the front line in public hospitals, they are also exposed to being infected because they treat people who are sick with this virus.

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Around 30 doctors from different private hospitals gathered at the Monument to the Fisherman, where they showed some banners that they brought and where you could read “We demand vaccines against Covid for the private medical sector.”

Dr. Leopoldo Salazar assured that the prevailing medical sector has not been taken into account to receive the vaccine, so it is already necessary that they turn to see them.

“We have not been treated to the private medical sector, none of the authorities have turned to see us, we are a risk group and we demonstrate so that we can be subject to vaccination.”

05 03 21 Doctors protest vaccine

The doctor stressed that there are around 1,500 doctors, including specialists and general practitioners.

Leopoldo Salazar declared that they have already signed up for different programs and so far they have not received responses from the Ministry of Health, so they hope that they will soon be vaccinated since many of their colleagues have died from this disease, which took by surprise to all people.

While the vaccines arrive, they are taking all the necessary measures to continue caring for the patients.

They assured that the call is for Dr. Hugo López-Gatell, since private practice is not considered in the vaccination program, despite the fact that they are treating patients infected with coronavirus.

They also affirmed that Dr. Efrén Encinas Torres, Secretary of Health of Sinaloa, has not shown support for the private medical sector in this ongoing health contingency.

The protesters stayed for about an hour and then peacefully withdrew.


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