Is Playa Zicatela the best surfing spot in Mexico?


Puerto Escondido, especially Playa Zicatela, registered its first major swell of the year, capturing unique postcards with waves whose height was almost seven meters. In this way, the coast of Oaxaca is presented as the ideal setting for surfing that requires specific weather conditions.

According to the General Coordination of Social Communication and Spokesperson of the Government of the State of Oaxaca, among the recommendations for beginners of this activity are the use of a vest, be in a good physical condition and wait for the appropriate moment to immerse yourself in this adventure.

Playa Zicatela (El Souvenir)

The coast of Oaxaca

According to the spokesperson, Oaxaca has about 600 kilometers of coastline in the Pacific Ocean, and due to its extension, it is the fifth-largest state in the country with 4.8% of its surface. While “Playa Zicatela offers about 100 meters wide and four kilometers long to enjoy the majestic ocean currents and giant waves that are more than six meters tall.”

But it is also distinguished by its beaches with calmer waves located in places such as La Bocana de Bahía Conejos, San Agustinillo, La Punta, Playa Carrizalillo, Punta Colorada, Playa Marineros, and other spaces that are located south of Huatulco Bay, where it is possible to relax, take a boat tour, go on an excursion or simply savor a typical dish, the comforting coffee and chocolate or drinks such as Tejate.

Surfer / General Coordination of Social Communication and Spokesperson of the Government of the State of Oaxaca

Health protocols

Likewise, Social Communication reported that safety, health, good practices and environmental awareness actions are being promoted in coordination with government agencies to strengthen and guarantee a safe stay in this site, which has positioned itself as the Best Tourist City in the World and the Best Destination. Gourmet.

“The natural settings together with the safety actions, roads in good condition, healthy distance protocol, correct and mandatory use of the mask, disinfection of spaces and the use of antibacterial gel, make Oaxaca a place without equal,” they reported.

Source: OEM

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