Toluca International Airport has a group of birds dedicated to taking care of the planes


The specimens are part of the conservation area and their work consists of getting rid of the track of fauna that could compromise flights or the operation of airplanes.

A highly trained group of birds is used at the Toluca International Airport (AIT) to guarantee that the conditions for take off and landing are in place.

The six specimens are part of the conservation area of ​​this aerodrome and their objective is to free the runway of harmful fauna, which could compromise the operation of the planes and thereby saving thousands of lives annually.

“Black” is a female Harris’s hawk and its scientific name is “Parabuteo unicinctus”. It has the characteristic of being used as a falconry bird, a hunting training technique that practically shows the ties that the specimens establish with their trainers.

Andrea Bombela Cruz, a technician in the wildlife management and control program at the AIT, explained that it is common to use these birds of prey for their nobility.

“They support us as a strategy to chase away and disperse other birds that can be found here inside the airport” and he added about the animal’s training:

“Every day work is done with them, areas where the greatest presence of birds are found are located and we take them to conduct a routine flight.”

At just one-year, “Negra” already has experience in this international airport, because before each flight she spreads her wings to explore the runway and its surroundings, helping the pilots who maneuver daily at this international airport.

Source: Milenio

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