Sinaloa tourism secretary admitted that Carnival cruise line is promoting its return, but there is no definitive date


Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – A return of cruise ships to Mazatlán cannot be guaranteed, despite the fact that there are some announcements from shipping companies about a possible reactivation, said Óscar Pérez Barros.

The Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa commented that everything is in accordance with the behavior of the coronavirus.

“The clauses that say they may have changes come and later the same shipping line releases a statement that extends its pause until the end of May, there is no certainty that they will return in May, they are saying that they will still be on hiatus until the end of May, then, they can move it around, ”he said.

Pérez Barros said that the shipping company has given tentative dates since November last year, but expectations cannot yet be maintained when the Cruise Association has not determined a protocol.

We see the return of the cruise ships closer in the coming months with all the measures and protocols, but it is not official that they will return in May 

Oscar Perez Barros

Óscar Pérez Barros, Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa. 

Finally, he added that for this year about 250 arrivals are contemplated, but due to the pandemic less is expected, thus he also made it clear that it will be a gradual return and Covid-19 tests will be required, once the ship is boarded after have traveled to the destination, as happens in airports.

Last week the Carnival Cruises Line shipping line announced its restart of operations to the Mexican Riviera as of May 1


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