The First Baja California Sur camel is born in Los Cabos


Choyerito was born at the Cactus Tours facilities in Cabo San Lucas. The arrival of the merry little camell marked a watershed in BCS animal life.

Los Cabos / Baja California Sur.- The first camel in the history of Baja California Sur was born .

The small and tender mammal came into the world on the morning of February 7 at the Cactus Tours facilities in Cabo San Lucas .

He was baptized as “ Choyerito ”, in honor of all the people with South Californian roots, and born in BCS.

The cheerful and lively camellito, weighed 35 kilos and measured 1 meter 10 centimeters.

According to his caregivers, Choyerito is very affectionate with human beings, and he loves to visit the surroundings of the tourism agency where he lives.

Since its birth, Choyerito has been pampered by the Cactus Tours team, who prepared an ideal space for the camellito to have all the comforts during its development.

Choyerito went down in history as the first camel born in Baja California Sur.

He is under special care in the company of 30 other young and adult camels that make up the Cactus Tours family.

L delivery of the mother of Choyerito lasted about 7 minutes. After breaking the fountain that protected the body of the friendly camellito, which was already preparing to discover its surroundings for the first time.

The impressive event marked a before and after in the animal life of BCS, and in the companies in charge of tourist services in Los Cabos.

Here, you can see the video of the birth of the first South Californian camel:


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