Toll road on the Mérida to Cancun highway increase price

The highways operated by Capufe suffered an increase of 3.15 percent

Since February 15, 2021, the prices of the toll road on the Mérida to Cancun highway increased an average of 3 percent, according to information provided by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT).

The amounts vary according to the type of vehicle and the route. For example: in the complete stretch from Kantunil to Cancun, cars now pay 534 pesos, 18 pesos more; 267 motorcycles, eight pesos more; buses and trucks with two axles 998 pesos, an increase of 20 pesos.  

While from Kantunil to Valladolid cars now pay 196 pesos, six pesos more; motorcycles 98 pesos, four pesos more; buses and trucks with two axles, 374 pesos, 11 pesos more.

According to Federal Roads and Bridges of Income and Related Services (Capufe), the highways operated by the agency in the country suffered an increase of 3.15 percent in their toll, this due to an inflationary adjustment of three percent made by the National Fund of Infrastructure (Fonadin), who asked Capufe to apply this increase to the rates.

“The resources collected from the toll of the highways integrated in the concession network are used to cover the expenses associated with the operation and maintenance. Likewise, they are destined to grant financial support for the development of projects in the communications, transport, water, environment and tourism sectors, for the benefit of the population ”, the decentralized body explained in a press release.

Photo: Raúl Angulo

Since last June 1, 2020, the start of the work of section 4 of the Maya Train, which includes from Izamal to Cancún, and covers the Mérida-Cancún / Cancún-Mérida highway, which is in charge of the company ICA.  

The works in this section are carried out on five fronts. In general, progress is being made in clearing and stripping works, as well as cutting and filling. Progress has also been made in transversal drainage works.  

In parallel, he specified, they carry out activities in locations off the track that the train route will carry, such as those necessary to provide the project with bench materials, production of prefabricated elements, as well as bearing materials, among others.


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