Miss Oaxaca is arrested, she is accused of kidnapping


Miss Oaxaca could spend several years in prison for the crime of kidnapping.

The name of Laura Mojica, Miss Oaxaca, was placed in the public eye; however, it was not because she had won a beauty pageant but rather because of her involvement with a criminal gang dedicated to kidnapping that operated in the state of Veracruz.

But, who is the Miss Oaxaca who was arrested?

In Laura Mojica’s official Instagram account, Miss Oaxaca, she claims to have a college degree in Business Administration, although she does not indicate the name of the University where she studied.

Throughout her career, Miss Oaxaca won the ticket to participate in important contests and beauty runways such as Miss Mexico 2019, and some of international level such as Miss Earth and in 2020 Laura Mojica was crowned Miss Mexico International Coffee Queen which was held in Manizales, Colombia, according to her social media profile.

On Instagram, Miss Oaxaca has more than 20 thousand followers where she shares special moments and many photographic sessions where she even has even posed in a wedding dress.

Every scene was good to pose in front of the camera and Miss Oaxaca allowed herself to be photographed at sea wearing bikinis to show her monumental figure, or in the capital of our country in full clothing.

According to an Instagram publication “Reinado Internacional del Café”, Miss Oaxaca is also a “contemporary and folkloric dancer”.

Source: UNO TV

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