Latinos Unidos search in Mexico for victims of fraud in the US


HERMOSILLO, SONORA.- From the complaint of Jorge, a farmer from Sonora, who lost all his retirement savings fund by entrusting it to a financial broker in the United States, the Council of Latinos Unidos is looking throughout the Mexican Republic for more potential victims of this binational fraud.

At a press conference, Kevin Brendan Forbes, president, and CEO of the United Latinos Council (CDLU) announced that they are currently working on identifying other senior citizens in Mexico who have lost their life savings by investing with financial brokers abusers in the United States, who, taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of the language and laws that protect the elderly, deceive them to take their money with supposedly high-risk investments.

Kevin Brendan Forbes, president, and CEO of the United Latinos Council
"In favor of the victims of fraud is the fact that regardless of their country of origin, there are laws that protect victims from the fact that their money has been invested in banks or finance companies in the United States", said Kevin Forbes.

Because the first alert came from the complaint of Jorge, an elderly man from Sonora who was defrauded for more than 411 thousand US dollars (about 8.2 million pesos, at the current exchange rate), the Council of United Latinos, considers that there could be more victims of fraud in Sonora or elsewhere in Mexico, so they invite all those who have been scammed, to report it and present the corresponding complaint and strengthen the judicial file, to the International WhatsApp +1 (323) 264 5889, to the e-mail or on the Facebook page @ ConsejoDeLatino-sUnidos, seeking to act as a bridge between those affected and the possibility of a solution.

“A year ago we became aware of this case (Jorge's), due to the relevance of the situation, the task of beginning to identify those affected has been given to quantify the economic amount to which the losses of their savings amount. We want to give people legal advice, take legal action against whoever is responsible and recover their money, ”said Kevin Forbes.

One of the suspects charged with the crime known in judicial and financial jargon as “white-collar embezzlement” is identified as Francisco Valenzuela, whose whereabouts are currently unknown because he fled when he learned that he was being investigated by the Regulatory Authority of the Financial Industry (Finra).

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