In January, passenger traffic falls at the San Luis Potosí airport


The influx of national and international travelers fell 43% at the San Luis Potosí International Airport terminal.

During January, the influx of passengers at the San Luis Potosí International Airport fell 43% compared to the first month of last year, as it registered traffic of 30,307 travelers when in 2020 it exceeded 50,000.

Of the total number of passengers in January 2021, 20,942 were national and 9,396 came from abroad, detailed the most recent report from the Centro Norte Airport Group (OMA), which integrates 13 airports in the region. 

In one year, international passengers went from 15,563 to 9,365, a decrease of 39.%. While domestic travelers went from an influx of 38,152 to 20,942 in the same period, a decrease of 45% detailed the report. 

At the regional level, the number of passengers that passed through the 13 airports decreased 46.6% compared to what was registered in January 2020. The influx of domestic passengers decreased 44.1% and that of international passengers fell 60.2%.

In the region, the terminals of Zihuatanejo, Guerrero and Tampico, Tamaulipas showed the greatest decreases, falling 61% and 59.9%, respectively. Behind are Zacatecas with 48.7%, Torreón with 45.2% and San Luis Potosí in fifth place.  


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