Cancun Fire Dept. Chief gets fired after playmate photo session


Cancun, Q.R. — The director of the Cancun fire department has been relieved of his position after allowing a playmate photo shoot. The city of Cancun became aware of the photo shoot after a video of it was released across social media networks.

An Argentinian “playmate” poses in a Cancun fireman uniform

The video also began circulating throughout the Cancun fire department facilities. The shoot is of a young Argentinean “playmate” in various poses wearing Cancun fire department gear inside the city’s facilities.

In the near minute-and-a-half video, the 20-something-year-old is seen wearing a black two-piece bikini posing in a Cancun fireman uniform, images that caused controversy and outrage among citizens.

Cancun mayor Mara Lezama has announced that Thomas Hurtado Morris of the Cuerpo de Bomberos, has been separated from his position as General Director. Her decision came after confirming the filming of the video. Corresponding investigations are being carried out to determine responsibilities.

“The Benito Juárez city council is clear in stating that the private use of the Fire Department facilities for these purposes cannot be allowed, since distractions of minutes can make the difference to save a life.

“Additionally, given the Covid-19 pandemic and the protocols it imposes on us, the distraction of equipment, personnel and strategic facilities for collective security is absolutely unacceptable,” said Flor Cosio, secretary of the City Council.

The city counselor also said that “municipal authorities express as clearly as possible that the agenda of gender equality, eradication of violence against women and the construction of a more just society for everyone is incompatible with this type of production in public facilities.”

The director of the Cancun fire department has been fired for allowing the photo shoot

The dismissed official, Hurtado Morris, declared that the video “does not represent the institution or its person, its values of conduct, ethics or service to the citizenry.”

Source: The Riviera Maya Times

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