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Hidalgo: get to know Real del Monte and its characteristic pastes

Hidalgo is a state where every corner is full of history. We will begin our route through Real del Monte Pueblo Mágico, a  wonderful and unforgettable place. Visiting Real del Monte is visiting a mining town, heir to ancient English traditions, such as its cuisine and its work.   

Hidalgo: Real del Monte

A unique and original dish that identifies Hidalgo and was introduced by English mining workers in the 19th century is the delicious pastesSavoring this delicious dish we can relate to the hard work that the miners did. The pastes were a type of empanada made especially for workers, due to the characteristics of the very complete and good-sized dish; the way of cooking and eating was very simple, in addition to being kept hot for a long time.      

A very peculiar characteristic they have is the braid that is formed on one side of the cake, the miners did not eat it; It was only designed so that they could take the pastry, eat it and thus not get their food dirty, since they could not keep their hands clean.


Another peculiar characteristic that differentiates pastes from empanadas is that the ingredients are cooked within the mass of the pastry, thus keeping the food warm to eat. In Real del Monte the original recipe and the essence of the delicious traditional pastry are preserved. The perfect and very picturesque place to taste them and see how they are made is in  Pastes el Portal  (in the center of Real del Monte), where the owner Don Ciro Peralta Urbano will be waiting for you to taste his delicious pastries, freshly made by hand and with a great variety of flavors. 

Pastes “El Portal”

Their pastes are very good! Especially the traditional potato with meat. They also have a great variety of bean patties, tuna, red mole, green mole, tinga, Hawaiian; and for those who like sweets: pineapple, rice pudding, blackberry, vanilla, eggnog, guava, apple. You can accompany them with whatever you want: coffee or delicious chocolate made in Pastes El Portal. 

You can accompany with what you want

Now, you know the origin of pastes and where you can enjoy them. 


The community of Plomosas, Hidalgo, is the starting point of a magnificent biological corridor with amazing caves and trails, home to the puma.

If you are one of those who loves to walk through the countryside or the mountains, discover hidden trails and observe native fauna and flora, Plomosas is for you.

Plomosas is a small town located only 14 kilometers from Actopan, a famous town in Hidalgo. This is where a very important biological corridor begins, home to pumas, a large number of birds and up to 174 species of traditional medicinal plants. It is also a place where you can enjoy authentic village food, which always delights the palate and comforts the heart: there is Nijamay chicken, Creole avocados, peaches, mallows, golumbos, agua de tuna, atole de pinole, purslane, huauzontle and many more quelites.

Photograph by: Emily Morales

Image from: Un Rincón de Hidalgo FB

However, the real star of Plomosas is the sacred cave of Nijamay. Its name comes from the Otomí and means “church on the mountain”. The route to get there is nothing less than a natural spectacle. The walk takes approximately 30 minutes, but at every step, you will stop to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. Here you can observe two different ecosystems: the thorn forest and the cloud forest. It is not difficult to get to see the fauna of the place, made up of species such as the eagle, the buzzard, the hawk and the hummingbird.

Photograph by: Sara Elizondo

Image from: Un Rincón de Hidalgo FB

The path is very picturesque, as in many places it is narrow and cobbled, bordered by a large number of trees and plants. You will find pirules, mesquites, junipers, pericón and wild chamomile, among others. Once you reach Nijamay Cave, you will be stunned. This rock formation is 12 meters high, 80 meters long, and more than 1.7 billion years old. Time has not passed in vain inside: it is full of stalagmites, stalactites, and six rock formations, known as stalagmites.

Image from: Un Rincón de Hidalgo FB

Image from: Un Rincón de Hidalgo FB

As if this were not enough, the cave has a unique characteristic that moves those who enter it: the peculiar shape of the cave makes it have impeccable acoustics, which makes the song of the birds resonate in an incredible way. Calandrias, goldfinches, sparrows and swallows flit about everywhere, mixing their in a symphony that resonates in every corner of the cavern. Remember to lower your voice and listen carefully to enjoy this unique concert. There is also lodging available, offered by the Nijamay Canyon Ecotourism Development, which offers a refreshing fresh lemon balm tea. for those who made the tour. So now you know: if you want to know new and beautiful places in Mexico, visit the community of Plomosas, Hidalgo.

Another wonderful place in Hidalgo: the Bosque de las Truchas .


Huasca de Ocampo, one of the most beautiful magical towns in Mexico, hides a beautiful place for fish lovers: the Bosque de las Truchas.

If you are curious about the way trout are raised, or if you like to fish, the Hidalgo Trout Forest is the place for you; A picnic in this place cannot be beaten.

Huasca de Ocampo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hidalgo. Its impressive basaltic prisms are the main attraction, but it also has beautiful haciendas, such as Santa María Regla. All this is complemented by its ravines, forests, the San Antonio Dam and the Museum of the Goblins. However, one of the places not so recognized, but with magnificent potential, is the Bosque de las Truchas. It has so much to offer that you will have to set aside a whole day to get the most out of it.

Image from: Flickr

Photography by: Eduardo Baños

The Bosque de las Truchas is a fish farm that was declared an ecotourism park, due to the wide range of activities it offers to its visitors. Its water park is any child’s dream, with a pool, wading pool, and slides of more than 15 meters. There is also the Cueva del Conde, a curious place built by Don Pedro Romero de Terreros in the 18th century. There are also boat rides through the blue waters of its lake area and horseback riding.

There are even options for the bold like a 900-meter zip line, altitude challenges, and ATVs. However, the real star of the place is what gives the park its name: the trout farm. Here you can buy bags of food for 5 pesos to feed the fish. You can also fish, with your own or rented pole, in a special lagoon, which has rainbow trout, salmon and bass.

Image from: Pinterest

Image from: Dondepescar.com

As for the food, it goes without saying that the fish dishes are delicious. Although you can eat in one of the many places, you can also pay for the fish you catch and cook them. Access to the Bosque de las Truchas is 25 pesos per person; There are also 200-peso packages that give access to all the park’s activities, or they can be hired individually. As for lodging, the best option is to stay at the Hacienda de Santa María Regla, but there are also many more hotels and cabins around.

If you dare to go, do not hesitate to tell us about your experience.

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