Ecotourism will bring better tourist to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo


We have wonderful areas with the natural diversity of birds, fauna, flora that can be exploited with ecotourism that would bring high performance to the area and is what is needed today to renew the destination of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, explained in an interview, the federal deputy for the Costa Grande, Maricarmen Cabrera Lagunas.

In an interview, with this news outlet, she commented that there are no alternatives to offer tourism more than sun and beach.

Today visitors need other options such as ecotourism, extreme sports, cross country, zip lines, generate eco-tourism parks and that can be done by mixing what you already have with what the sierra offers in the middle and upper part, but this will be achieved when you have security from the hand of sensitive governments, the congresswoman pointed out.

Cabrera Lagunas stated that he hopes that with the change of authorities in the state in the next electoral process, there will be a more sensitive, more humane government, committed to its people, as well as mayors and mayors working for the people and not only benefiting or getting rich off the town.


The Guerrero Post