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American YouTuber went to live with a Mayan family in the middle of the Mexican jungle (video)

The young American learned this language to connect with the people of the Pueblo Señor.

The Youtuber was invited by the inhabitants of Señor, a Mayan town, located in the jungle, where people prefer to communicate with the Mayan language instead of Spanish

The young American decided to spend a week in this town to practice his Spanish and Mayan, as well as to learn about the style and rhythm of life of these people of Señor.

After taking the COVID-19 test, the Youtuber stayed with a Mayan family, because there are no hotels where to stay.

Later, it is observed in his video that together with other people from the region, he goes in search of rodents in the jungle, called ‘baaj’ or ‘tuza’ in Maya to eat them after hunting them

Likewise, the young man relates that one of the advantages of living in the jungle, in addition to eating local fruits, such as bananas, is that everyone knows each other.

After hunting these rodents, they visited a healer, something very common in Mayan villages, where he met healing plants.

Finally, the video concludes with a reflection by the Youtuber about why it is important for him to learn languages, to which he responds because it is a way of connecting with people.

Source: poresto.net

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