Causa Comun reports 138 “atrocities” during 2020 in Tabasco


Of the 5,380 “atrocities” committed during 2020 in Mexico, 138 were registered in Tabasco, reported the organization “Causa en Común“, They range from torture, dismemberment of corpses, and clandestine graves, the most common events, according to the report.

Through the report called “Atrocities registered in journalistic media during 2020,” They indicated that in Tabasco are 38 torture documented, 24 dismemberment or destruction of corpses, and the location of 22 clandestine graves were recorded.

Report in Common Cause 138 "atrocities" during 2020 in Tabasco

Similarly, the report details that there were 12 burns, as well as 10 massacres, seven lynch attempts, and four completed lynchings.

It adds that there were six murders of women with extreme cruelty, five murders of girls, boys, and adolescents, as well as four murders of public officials.

Also, the report indicates that there was 1 murder of a human rights activist, 1 mutilation, and four more cases were classified as “Other”.



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