72 million-peso investment to rehabilitate 59.3 km a Federal Highway in Yucatán


With an investment of 71.8 million pesos from the National Infrastructure Fund (FONADIN), the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) in Yucatán began last week 8 periodic conservation works through which various sections of the Federal highway network will be rehabilitated.

The works are part of the annual program of the road conservation residence and will be carried out using three different procedures and techniques.

Through dense granulometry asphalt layer works, the rehabilitation of the Mérida – Puerto Juárez highway will be carried out, in the section from kilometer 157.2 to km 168.0 with a goal of 10.8 km.

Likewise, 5 kilometers of the Mérida – Tizimín highway will be rehabilitated in the section from km 108.0 to km 113.0 and 6 km of the Valladolid – Río Lagartos highway in the section from km 40.0 to km 46.0.

By means of running layer works with CASAA mixture, periodic maintenance will be carried out on the Mérida – Puerto Juárez highway, in the section that includes km 16.0 to 22.5 of body “B”, equivalent to a goal of 6.5 kilometers.

Applying the irrigation rolling procedure, 10 kilometers of the Mérida – Peto road will be rehabilitated, in the section that runs from km 126.0 to km 136.0.

With the same technique, maintenance will be provided to 13 km of the Mérida – Celestún highway, from km 46.0 to km 59.0 and 8 km of the Mérida – Tetiz highway, in the section that includes from km 2.0 to km 10.0.

In total, a goal of 59.3 kilometers of the federal highway network in Yucatan will be met.

The National Infrastructure Fund (FONADIN) is a coordination platform of the Federal Public Administration for investment in infrastructure, mainly in the areas of communications, transportation, hydraulics, environment, and tourism. It supports the development of the National Infrastructure Program with projects of social impact or economic profitability, in accordance with the corresponding programs and budgeted resources.

Source: YA

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