Querétaro will launch new business support


The state government will offer incentives for businesses such as flea markets, markets, nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, among others that have seen their income reduced.

Querétaro, Queretaro. After the economic effects generated by the pandemic in various economic units, the state government launched a new package of economic support for a range of lines of business, such as trade-in flea markets and markets, nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, among others that have seen diminished your income.

These are one-time supports whose amount varies according to the line of business and which will be granted through the Economic Sectors Support Program (PASE), for fiscal year 2021, which will be coordinated by the Sustainable Development Secretariat (Sedesu).

In the Official State Newspaper, La Sombra de Arteaga, the Agreement issuing and authorizing the PASE was published, as well as the guidelines that will govern it in the current year.

The target population is the physical or legal persons that develop some activity related to the categories; it will have coverage in the 18 municipalities of the entity.

The supports are segmented according to the category of the business line; in the first category, markets, flea markets and businesses are defined; Tenants will be granted for each store in the market that has a valid operating license, an amount of 10,000 pesos, which must be used to improve the premises’ infrastructure and / or equipment, through the acquisition of furniture and equipment.

In the subcategory of support for markets, 5,000 pesos will be awarded, directed to raw materials, inventory, working capital, income, fees and services. For tianguistas, support of 7,000 pesos will be given, for the acquisition of structures (stand).

And the tianguistas affected by the contingency will be granted an amount of 3,500 pesos, support that should be allocated for raw materials, inventory, working capital, income, fees and services.

In the subcategory of business support, up to 80% of the total cost of the project they present will be supported, the beneficiaries must contribute at least the remaining 20%. The amount of support authorized per project is a maximum of 25,000 pesos.

In the area of ​​promoting renewable energy in establishments, it will address businesses such as tortilla shops, butchers and miscellaneous. Up to 50% of the project will be supported, the beneficiary must contribute at least the remaining 50%. The authorized amount may not exceed 50,000 pesos. They must be spent on a solar energy system for commercial use.

The second category is for mining and brick-making activities. In the area of ​​support for mining extraction, the support may be up to 2 million pesos, the beneficiaries must contribute at least 10% of the total amount of the project.

In the area of ​​support for the transformation derived from mining extraction, the support will be 40,000 pesos, and the beneficiary must contribute 20% of the total amount. There will also be support for brickmakers, for up to 2 million pesos, and the beneficiary must contribute at least 10%.


In category four, promoting self-employment, up to 25,000 pesos will be awarded to individuals, corporations, or recently graduated students seeking self-employment, dedicating themselves to a commercial and service activity.

In this category, to promote agribusiness, the maximum amount is 2 million pesos, and the beneficiary must contribute at least 20% of the project. In the reinforcement support, the maximum is 300,000 pesos (the beneficiary will contribute 20% of the amount).

A category of contingencies and disasters was also established, the fifth, the amounts of which will be determined by the Program Evaluation Committee.

A sixth category is support for the economic reactivation of established businesses and services that were affected by the health contingency; in this area support of 10,000 pesos will be granted.

The seventh category includes support for nightclubs, discos, bars, canteens and the like, which have been affected by the contingency, with amounts of 25,000 pesos. The eighth category considers support to restaurants, for 25,000 pesos; the ninth, support to theaters, for 35,000 pesos, and the tenth category includes some other line determined by the Evaluation Committee.


The program agreement specifies that Sedesu will publish on the official site (www.queretaro.gob.mx/sedesu), the call to receive requests for support and projects for each category of support.

The support may be delivered directly or through an intermediate body designated by the Evaluation Committee that will be in charge of channeling them; the use of the resource must be verified.

The program agreement is effective from its publication on January 8 to September 30, 2021, subject to budget sufficiency.

Up to 80% is bankrupt

Querétaro nightclubs request immediate opening

State associations that gang up nightclubs, issued a petition requesting the state government to authorize the immediate opening of businesses that operate with bars, canteens and pulquerías, because they are in a financial crisis that has generated the intermittent closure that they have lived since March 2020.

In the letter they also request that the payment of the license for the sale of alcohol be forgiven, which corresponds to a state tax, because they have not had income to meet these commitments, said the president of the Association of Traditional Canteens, Pulquerías and Bars of the state, Daniel Pérez Murillo.

The president of the Association of Entrepreneurs and Workers of Clubs, Bars and Entertainment of Querétaro, Emilio Lugo, stated that up to 80% of the 105 associates are bankrupt, after adding almost ten months of continuous stoppages.

He exemplified that an establishment has liabilities of up to 2 million pesos for accumulated income.

Therefore, the first point of the request form proposes the immediate opening of businesses that have the business of canteen, pulqueria and bar, arguing that in addition to the sale of alcoholic beverages, it is also offered free or onerous (depending on each establishment) food, as established in article 13, section II of the Law on Alcoholic Beverages of the State of Querétaro.

The document states that the people who work in these types of money depend on daily income to pay for their family expenses, the resource of which is not only made up of salary, but of tips provided by clients.

The businessmen asked that the transfers referred to be considered at the same time as restaurants and bar restaurants, because they also offer food and beverages.

The second point of the document consists in waiving the renewal payment of licenses for the sale of alcohol (state tax) and operating licenses (municipal tax), because they do not have income.

In the third approach, they request government support; fourth, that the possibility be analyzed, if it considers that the opening is not appropriate, of enabling the businesses that so wish to operate as a restaurant-bar for a specified period of time.

In the fifth section, they ask for work tables in coordination with health authorities.

And finally, as a sixth point, consider the possibility of permanently changing the line of business to a restaurant-bar at no cost.

Source: eleconomista.com.mx

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