Lady Rosca: woman buys 300 Roscas to resell in Tabasco


She got 300 roscas for 99 pesos to resell them for 150.

A woman earned the nickname ‘Lady Rosca’ after she took advantage of Three Kings Day to buy 300 roscas and resellers on the streets of Villahermosa, Tabasco. Images of the woman with hundreds of boxes on the sidewalk immediately went viral on social media.

However, far from being offended, Sayra de la Cruz took it with humor and many highlighted her entrepreneurial work since she opted for the investment in rosca de reyes. Due to some attacks, the woman came out to clarify the situation on her Facebook account, mentioning that she bought the roscas because they were on sale.

“Let me clarify, I sold the roscas for 150 pesos. I am a merchant, with great honor, I am a seller of everything that can be sold and I am always aware of everything that can be sold, I see it and I appropriate the product or merchandise, I am very passionate about what I do and I do it with all the pleasure ”, He explained.

“I don’t always invest alone, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t,” she said cheerfully. And she even received some flattering comments: “I congratulate you for seeing the opportunities that others do not see. Congratulations on being a woman who can be an example for one or more people. Keep it up, whatever is honest and well invested is worth it.”


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