On the coasts of Yucatan, the sea lowers several meters and causes a unique spectacle (video)


People capture a beautiful spectacle with the drop of the seashore.

Neighbors of the Yucatecan coast reported very early the shore of the beach went back several meters into the sea, as an effect of the last full moon of the year that could be seen last Tuesday in Yucatan.

This effect could be seen in beaches in Yucatán such as Telchac Puerto, but also in other latitudes of the coast such as Celestún.

In addition to the surprise of the neighbors, due to the spectacular nature of the phenomenon, also led to diverse maritime fauna and flora being scattered on all the beaches in plain view of passers-by.

In Celestún, user José Juan Vázquez shared a video of the wonderful phenomenon in which it was possible to see how dozens of starfish were left out of the water causing an unusual spectacle, however, this situation has recurred in recent days.

Snails, starfish, and shells on the Yucatecan coast.

Multiple arrivals of lancet snail, starfish, and various types of shells have been observed in the last week on the beaches of Chelem, Chuburná, Progreso, and Chicxulub Puerto due to the swells left by the weather conditions.

Neighbors of Progreso and its coastal villages have been astonished and amazed since last Saturday in the port of Chelem and later the following days at various points throughout the Progreso coastal strip, with the massive arrivals of lancet snail, starfish of various sizes and species, as well as countless shells.

Faced with the appearance of these specimens, many curious people, mainly local inhabitants, have chosen to leave the confinement generated by the Covid-19 health contingency, heading to the coastal areas where sightings are reported, to be able to observe, and in many cases collect species from the shore of the beaches.

According to maritime authorities and experts, this unusual phenomenon due to the volume of specimens concentrated in some areas tends to occur after the passage of high-impact meteorological phenomena or in its case of continuous adverse climates, so it is believed that in this occasion was due to the several storms and cold fronts that have hit the coast for several weeks.

For their part, the settlers of the ports who have come and collected the species on the seashore pointed out that in the case of the lancet snail it is possible to consume the meat and due to the beauty of its shell, it also has commercial value among artisans from both the port and the interior of the state, starfish are valued as ornaments and the shells can also be marketed for making coastal handcrafts; Therefore, the material that they were able to collect will help to have an extra cash income to their homes, mainly in this complicated period at the end of the year.

The appearances of these shells and snail have been appearing randomly at various points in the ports, with extensions that have gone from just 10 meters to areas of even 100 meters, with accumulations of several thousand specimens.

Source: sipse.com

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