Mountaineers mock Chiapas authorities: they ascend the Tacaná Volcano


Dozens of hikers have climbed the Colossus of Fire before the null surveillance of authorities.

Montañistas burlan a autoridades: ascienden al volcán Tacaná - El Heraldo  de Chiapas

The announcement about the restrictions on adventure tourism to not to ascend to the crater of the Tacaná Volcano in Unión Juárez in the face of the pandemic, and the risks that exist at this time, were only statements that were not complied with due to the omission by the city council for evading their responsibility and ignore the support for the surveillance structure that they would maintain with other bodies such as the police corporations and the National Guard.

In reality, groups of hikers from other parts of Mexico and the region climbed without any problem to the highest part of the Tacaná Volcano. The young people do not heed the recommendation and on the other hand the irresponsibility of the authorities to enforce the restriction, mobility, health, and security measures with the intention of preventing lethal outbreaks of coronavirus.

Over and over again, the Unión Juárez city council chaired by Doni Alan Verdugo Aguilar made a commitment with the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (CONANP) to assist in security and surveillance activities and declared that there was no authorization to carry out this risky activity, however, there has not been any type of operation to prevent the ascent of mountaineers.

This year the “Safe Ascent” program was not implemented, which implies the vigilance and presence of authorities, security measures, and groups of authorized guides to avoid any risk in the ascent and descent of the so-called Colossus of Fire, which year after year receives between 8,000 and 10,000 people who make the ascent to the crater where the border between Mexico and Guatemala is located.

On the Guatemalan side, the surveillance objective was met, however, on the Mexican side, the measure was breached and the scant surveillance was mocked by groups of young people who, despite the health and safety risk, decided to carry out the activity.


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