“Invest In Mexico” will attract important investments to Coahuila and Durango


Torreón, Coahuila.- The spokesperson for Grupo Empresarial de la Laguna, Hugo Montoya Diaz, pointed out that the representatives of the Private Initiative have listened carefully to all the projects, programs, and support that the state agencies of Coahuila and Durango have carried out to encourage local consumption, job recovery, mining, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, which has been extremely favorable in the midst of the pandemic and the economic crisis.

“The Invest In México project, a promotion agency created by the Federalist Alliance to encourage and attract foreign and national investment to their respective states, with activities and work schemes similar to those carried out by the defunct Pro México, will become a tool for the attraction of investments that the federal government stopped making for two years, causing an avalanche of negative numbers in all sectors, “said Montoya Diaz.

The spokesperson for Grupo Empresarial de la Laguna, Hugo Montoya Diaz

After the signing of the act of creation on Friday, December 25th of “Invest in Mexico”, the platform is expected to be launched on the digital platform in a first stage next week, to begin with the physical stage at the beginning of next year, in which the installation of 4 offices in different parts of the world is planned.

“We businessmen have asked both entities to participate actively in this new project, a request that has been accepted ensuring that business representatives would have the door open in this new agency to create a coordinated strategy for promoting and attracting investment.”

Finally, Hugo Montoya recognized that innovation is sought and proposes strategies that lead to new markets, including Industry 4.0 and new technologies, which can bring very good results for the regional and state economy.

Source: Noticias de la Laguna

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