Tianguis Los Huizaches opens at 100% this Sunday, December 20 in Culiacán


After several requests from merchants to the municipal authorities, they reached an agreement to reactivate the Los Huizaches tianguis to 100 percent as of this Sunday, December 20th.

Culiacán, Sinaloa (December 20, 2020).- After a long wait to be able to work as different businesses had been doing in the city of Culiacán , Sinaloa, the Los Huizaches tianguis begins to work at 100 percent capacity as of today, Sunday, December 20.

The merchants mentioned that after several requests to the municipal authorities to grant them the work permit in its entirety, an agreement was reached and for the holiday season the vendors of the tianguis will be able to offer their products and work at 100% capacity.

Brenda Beltrán González, leader of the tianguis in the state capital, commented that the authorities granted them the permit without setting a deadline but to continue working as the epidemiological traffic light of the state progresses.

“Starting today, we will work 100 percent with all the sanitary measures that have been carried out since the start of the pandemic,” Beltrán González stated.

The leader of the tianguis called on people to wear their face masks as soon as they leave their homes, as it should already be part of the daily life of all citizens by requesting this requirement in all establishments of the city, such as shops, stores, supermarkets, squares, restaurants, and other crowded spaces.

Source: Debate

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