Permits for social events canceled in Yucatan


As of today, permits to hold social events, such as weddings, baptisms, or similar parties that involve large crowds of people, are canceled.

The objective, indicated in a bulletin from the state govenment, is to contribute to the preservation of the health of the Yucatecans and avoid outbreaks that put the State’s hospital capacity at risk.

The press release states that during the period in which these social events were allowed, the sanitary protocols were not followed to the letter under the provisions of the economic reactivation agreement.


“Those who hired them and those who provide banquet services have acted irresponsibly, therefore these activities continue to represent a focus of high risk for the health of those attending this type of event and for all the people with whom they interact. ”, The Executive points out.

In recent days the state government closed and fined 18 businesses, including restaurants, gyms, banquets, and wedding planners for failing to comply with the provisions of the economic reopening in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

“This and all the measures arranged in the face of the evolution of the pandemic have always been taken based on the opinions of epidemiologists and experts in public and private health in Yucatan who make up the Specialized Health Advisory Committee,” the authority says.

The official text adds the following:

In most of these types of events, the following types of actions have been presented in violation of established protocols:

Capacity greater than 50 people in closed places and 100 people in open places
Tables with a number greater than 6 people.
Events with prolonged durations greater than 4 hours and without respecting the mobility schedule until 11:30 p.m.
Incorrect or no use of the mask
Breach of Sana Distancia measures
Use of dance floors.

There is evidence that a social event such as a wedding without compliance with the established protocols is a major source of contagion that puts the health of every Yucatecan at risk, as well as the hospital capacity in the State.

It should be remembered that, in Yucatan, as of November 2, the realization of this type of celebrations was authorized, after maintaining an effective communication channel with the companies organizing events and banquets, with the aim that the families that depend on these activities can obtain income without putting the health of the Yucatecans at risk.

Therefore, the state government regrets that the established protocols have not been complied with, and reiterates that, in Yucatán, the health of the people comes first and all economic actors who have been following the rules will not be allowed to work for a few ones that don´t follow the regulations. Since if the State’s hospital capacity is put at risk, the economic reopening would have to be reversed.

The state administration will remain firm in monitoring compliance with the provisions in order to maintain a safe economic reopening in the state. Similarly, businesses and companies authorized to operate are urged to comply with the protocols established within the economic reopening.


The Yucatan Post