Marina del Pilar Ávila says her results as mayor of Mexicali earned her the candidacy


Marina del Pilar Ávila, mayor of Mexicali, is confident in becoming the next governor of Baja California but assured that in this electoral contest there are no small enemies, so it is necessary to “continue working and building” the project headed by the President of the Republic, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The recently appointed candidate of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) for the state governorship affirmed, in an interview that the work she has done in Merida placed her in a “preferred place within the party and the population”.

She pointed out that this conquest is the result of her hard work as mayor of Mexicali, one year after taking office. 

Marina del Pilar Ávila, mayor of Mexicali

“We have managed to consolidate and position Mexicali as the fourth most competitive city in the country, the most competitive on the northern border. We are the safest city in the state, It’s not me who says so, the figures are there,” Marina del Pilar Ávila said in a telephone conversation with journalists Sergio Sarmiento and Guadalupe Juárez.

maintained that she does not know whether or not she was “the governor’s favorite” for next year’s election, but assured that she has always felt and recognized the support that Jaime Bonilla has given Mexicali . 

“At the end of the day, it is the Baja Californians themselves who decided who they consider to be the candidate for the state government,” he said.

When asked if she considers that she already has the governorship in the pocket, she rejected that this is the case and specified that the work in the state must be maintained.  

She assured that people are convinced of the project led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador and with that aim, she will continue working to consolidate the Fourth Transformation.

Marina del Pilar Ávila, mayor of Mexicali

Marina del Pilar Ávila specified that she is waiting for the guidelines of Morena and the contest to be given by the electoral body to start the electoral campaign.  

Source: El Heraldo de México

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