New health measures for restaurants, bars, and businesses in Aguascalientes during December


With the end of Prohibition, the Government announced new measures to prevent COVID-19 infections. The municipal traffic light returns with the exception that the bars have their hours of operation extended.

After the conclusion of the decree that ordered the suspension of non-essential activities in the state of Aguascalientes, the Secretary-General of the Government, Juan Manuel Flores Femat announced that mobility restrictions in the entity will be governed by the State Indicator COVID-19, after the unanimous request of the eleven municipal presidents. 

The government official pointed out that the results obtained by the new confinement established between November 17 and 30 are flattering and the authorities hope that it will be reflected in lower hospital occupancy and daily infections. 

Juan Manuel Flores Femat mentioned that being in grade three risk due to the coronavirus, the state capital will be governed under the restrictions marked by the pink color of the COVID-19 State Indicator traffic lights.

Source: Líder Empresarial

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