Oaxaca indigenous peoples launch virtual store so artisans can sell direct


The website https://pueblosoriginariodeoaxaca.com/  guarantees the marketing needs of Oaxacan creators and customers, obtaining artisan work that directly supports artisans.

Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca.- The civil association Pueblos Originales de Oaxaca (OOP) launched the digital store https://pueblosoriginariodeoaxaca.com as part of an initiative that seeks to support artisans in the state to sell their creations direct and without intermediaries.

The commercial initiative called Pueblos Originales de Oaxaca Market is also the result of a strategy to reactivate the economy of Oaxacan creators, whose sales
were affected due to the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It was born from the mission of the Original Peoples of Oaxaca, which seeks to promote the economic and social development of Oaxaca through the vindication of the cultural legacy that the hands of artisans create”, explains Israel García Gaytán, representative of the civil association.

Since the years of accompaniment that the organization has carried out in the state, it has been able to identify a series of problems that cause the artisan not to receive fair remuneration for their creations.

The intermediaries, resellers, and buyers who do not know the real value of their works have caused that the economic spill does not reach those who deserve it, the Oaxacan artisans.

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Israel García mentions that, as a result of this accompaniment, alliances and actions have been fostered such as participation in fairs and events where they can sell their products first-hand, aimed at the vision of no more resellers and no more haggling.

“This allowed economic activation within their families and communities. However, due to the health contingency that we are going through, the way of selling and interacting with the client has to reinvent itself and meet the requirements of the current market ”, he says.

That is why he details, that Native Peoples of Oaxaca Market were born; an initiative that seeks to respond to these marketing needs and guarantees the end customer the obtaining of a work that directly supports the artisan.

“Pueblos Originales de Oaxaca Market is a social digital platform that stands out from other online stores because it does not pursue any profit motive, other than to support artisans in the State to find a fairer market that raises awareness. to the public about the work involved in making each of the garments. By buying on this platform, you have the certainty that you are buying directly from an original artisan ”, points out Evelyn Itzel Lázaro Juárez, Coordinator for the promotion and dissemination of OOP culture.

The mission of Pueblos Originales de Oaxaca Market is to provide artisans with a digital and face-to-face platform that allows them to distribute their creations inside and outside the state at a fair price, without intermediaries and with a total commitment to their economic development, therefore which the members of the Committee of Native Peoples of Oaxaca, as well as artisans and artisans of Oaxaca, invite the general public to purchase their products in the store https://pueblosoriginariodeoaxaca.com, which will have free shipping to all of Mexico until 05 December 2020.

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